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Description: Add Your Forex Robot - New forex robot If you developed an Expert Advisor, we would be happy to add it to our website for performance testing. Rules: 1.The system must be commerically (or freely) available. We do not test EAs that are still in development or unavailable. 2.It must be compatible with the Metatrader 4 platform. 3.It must be a fully automated strategy. No indicators or manual discretion required. 4.No manual intervention (ie: turning it on or off at certain times of the day). If the EA does need rare intervention, we must be subscribed to your mailing list so we are notified when the situation arises. 5.No "investor" access testing. We need a demo copy of the actual robot so we can run the Expert Advisor and experience the results ourselves. Only in this way can we verify the results that an average customer would expect to receive. 6.No "Guardian" software protection. Their system is too buggy and constantly crashes our other platforms and messes with other EA's that run on the same server.
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