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Interpretation of dreams Imam Sadiq

Title: Interpretation of dreams Imam Sadiq
Description: Preface Imam Sadiq (pbuh) is a great academic personalitywhich the human history has come to know. He hasadvanced this great colossal (amount) of constructiveand effectual contributions, in the interest of service tohumanity and the building of civilization. Such as, andindeed he has [contributed to], bettering off the Islamicintellect by means of what he propogated of the kinds of sciences full of fundamentals of life. And in addition tothat, the brilliant intellectual treasures, and that which isconsidered to be the pillar of the academic revival to hisera. So the Imam (pbuh) has left for us a collection of the visions transmitted from him regarding hisinterpretations of dreams. So that there is [a book] byImam Sadiq (pbuh) of Dream Interpretations specificallyby him, that is circulating among the people and to anearby age.
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